Board of Directors

Charles Massey, Chair (President)
Nick Daigle
Scott Fraser, Vice Chair
Gillian Jackson, Secretary 
Kendra Lorimer
Charles Massey
Cheryl Oleniuk
Amanda Robinson
Lori Presley-Todd

Brockville and Area Community Foundation 2017-2018 Committees

•  Finance and Investing Committee
   Members: Rose Lalonde, Erik Wang

•  Endowment Committee
   - Chair: 
   - Members: Nick Daigle, Rose Lalonde
•  Grants Committee
   - Chair: Charles Massey
   - Members: Dr. Patricia Keeling, Mary Rae Kelly, George Smith, Cheryl Oleniuk

•  Marketing and Communications Committee
   - Chair: Amanda Robinson
   - Members:  Kendra Lorimer
•  Personnel Committee
   - Chair: Scott Fraser
   - Members: Cheryl Oleniuk

•  Policy Committee
   - Chair: 
   - Members: Rose Lalonde
•  Community Relations Committee
   - Chair: Charles Massey
   - Members: Gillian Jackson, Kendra Lorimer, Amanda Robinson