Funds within the Brockville and Area Community Foundation

Offering donors a variety of options for supporting the community

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"The Community Fund"   

Donations to the Community Fund are pooled together and the interest income is granted to local charities through our grant-making process.

"Don & Virginia Glover Endowment Fund” to support "arts and culture, community development, education, environment, health, heritage preservation, recreation, social services, and youth." as determined by the BACF Board of Directors:

"Massey Family Endowment Fund” to support "arts and culture, community development, education, environment, health, heritage preservation, recreation, social services, and youth." as determined by the BACF Board of Directors:


- none-


"City of Brockville Legacy Endowment Fund"

Was established in 2009 from a small portion of proceeds from the sale of the PUC. .


Thomas Dailey Endowment Fund"

For the benefit and beautification of Historic Downtown Brockville and the Waterfront Walking Park.

"Operations Endowment Fund”

To support the Operations of the Brockville & Area Community Foundation

"John and Margery Davis Endowment Fund"

To provide assistance to organizations who provide nutritious meals to those in our community who are in need and/or a bursary to a deserving student at St. Mary's Catholic High School.


"Bradford M. Hubbard  Memorial Fund"

The Bradford M. Hubbard Memorial Fund aims to continue Brad's dedication to making Spencerville flourish.  The fund, established by his family in 2017 following his untimely death, supports community projects in the village of Spencerville with a particular focus on historic restoration.  Brad was the owner of Hubbard & Company Heritage Restoration and had an unending passion for his community.  This fund aims to keep his work and legacy alive, providing ongoing support to Spencerville's development and the preservation of local history.

"Douglas Scott Jr. Memorial Endowment Fund"

The purpose of the fund is to provide an annual scholarship to a qualified student who is enrolled in a law enforcement program at a post-secondary institution.

"Henry Merkx Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund"

Annual earnings will provide a bursury to a graduating student continuing on in the skilled trades field, to college or directly to work place

"United Way/Glenn & Jean Tompkins Memorial Fund”  

In support of Brockville United Way Annual Giving Campaign

"Valerie Kines Memorial Endowment Fund"

The Valerie Kines Memorial Endowment Fund aims to continue Valerie's dedication to serving the Brockville community.  The fund was established by her family in 2017 and provides an annual scholarship to an entrepreneurial, community minded female enrolled in first year business at St. Lawrence College in Brockville.  Valerie was an entrepreneur and active philanthropist in Brockville, and this fund aims to keep her work and legacy alive, by providing support to young entrepreneurial women studying in Brockville, and who are also active in making a difference in their community.


"Community Involvement Legacy Endowment Fund"

The BDACI endowment fund was established, in particular, so families of people with disabilities could have a place to leave a permanent legacy. Earnings from the fund will go to support the efforts of BDACI to continue to provide for a safe, secure and positive future for people with disabilities.

"Girls Incorporated Endowment Fund"

Earnings from this permanent fund support the work of Girls Incorporated., to empower girls and encourage them to be strong, smart and bold.

"Brockville Public Library Endowment Fund"

This endowment generates funds that will augment the services of the Brockville Public Library, ultimately resulting in enhanced library services for the community.




Earl's Court Playground Project

Brockville Roadrunners - Brock Trail Signage

Millennium Project Fountain

"Project Encore" Brockville Arts Center

Courthouse Green