How We Help

The ultimate mission of a community foundation is to enhance the quality of life in the community. There are three ways a community foundation can do this:

  • Effective grant-making: the most visible and well-known function of a community foundation is to make financial grants to local charities. Local volunteers evaluate funding applications and make decisions based on the needs of the community and funds available. Grants are made to a wide variety of sectors, from health to heritage, education to environment, and many others.
  • Endowment building and donor services: the perpetual nature of a community foundation, combined with its local focus, makes it an appealing place for donors who want to strengthen their community. A community foundation has the skills and tools to work with donors to help them achieve their charitable wishes.
  • Community leadership: as an autonomous, volunteer-driven, and locally focused organization, a community foundation can work with charities, local government and citizens to identify community needs and encourage collaboration and cooperation amongst stakeholders.